10-year-old in Indore rewrites Ramayana

Indore (MP), Jun 05 (ANI): A 10-year-old boy in Indore has rewritten the holy book of Ramayana. Avi has named the Ramayana as ‘Bal-Mukhi Ramayana.’ The Ramayana written by Avi is entirely in Hindi as it is his mother tongue and it will be easy for everyone to understand it. The ‘Bal-Mukhi Ramayana.’ has a total of 250 ‘chans.’ Avi said, “The Ramayana serial has inspired me a lot, one day when I woke up and felt that Saraswati maa has given me the first ‘chan’ of Ramayana.” On the length of the ‘Bal-Mukhi Ramayana,’ Avi said that nowadays people are in a hurry and they don’t have time to understand the lengthy Ramayana. He said, “I have written this short Ramayana so that people can understand it in lesser time.”