The 10 Most Sexist Bollywood Films Of The Decade, Ranked

Piyasree Dasgupta
Image representational of how the writer felt while watching these films.

Hey, the year’s almost over. Salman Khan is all set to make more money than your entire bloodline has by flexing his butt like it’s an auto stumbling over potholes in Saki Naka. And going by the number of Akshay Kumar films that are basically BJP ads, you suspect that the next statue they make will be of him, on Bandra Talao. Housefull100 (sure feels like 100, no?) has made a couple hundred crores. There is probably no Bollywood song left from your childhood to which Badshah hasn’t added ‘baby’, ‘lakkh’ or ‘party’ so that it sounds like a drunk person shouting to get the bartender’s attention in a crowded Hauz Khas Village pub.

If you are in your 30s, you also often wonder why your digestion has started to feel like it is a villain in an Ekta Kapoor serial — forever conspiring against your well-being. And question how quickly your 20s went, along with one whole decade.

Part of the reason our digestion malfunctioned, we feel, are all the Bollywood films we have had to stomach. I mean, the very mention of Grand Sasti , or Kya Fool Hai Hum, Raaz 75 and ‘Murder no-A-lister-wants-to-star-in-it’ immediately makes your stomach churn, right? And if you happen to be a woman, or anyone who cares about women and their agency, watching these films could feel a bit like being stuck in a Honey Singh song, with no escape.

So, to help you trace the trajectory of the demise of your intestines, we have listed the 10 most horrid sexist blockbusters Bollywood made in the past decade. We have left out everything that starred Tushar Kapoor or Fardeen Khan because those deserve a list, and a special place in hell, of their own. 



A still from Cocktail

If the RSS ever wanted to make a Buzzfeed-style video — 5 Reasons RSS Is Dope AS (‘As Sanskaar’) — to recruit more women, Cocktail would probably be the end result.

The film has two women. One is Veronica (played by Deepika Padukone)—she drinks, parties, has a job, pursues men when she deems fit, gives shelter to...

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