10 Lebanese soldiers injured during policing of protests in Tripoli

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Representative image

Tripoli [Libya], June 27 (ANI/Sputnik): Ten Lebanese servicemen have been injured while protecting public order in the northern city of Tripoli, the country's army said on Sunday.

According to the statement, nine soldiers have sustained injuries as young people on motorbikes threw flashbang grenades at them. Another soldier was wounded after the protesters started throwing stones at the servicemen who guarded public and private property.

Meanwhile, several roads in downtown Tripoli and Beirut were blocked with trash cans and tires, along with several parts of the main highway that connects the capital with the southern part of the country.

Lebanon has been roiled by almost two years of a political and economic crisis that has led two cabinets to resign since anti-government protests erupted in the country in October 2019.

The international community has been offering financial aid to the Arabic state on the condition of it forming an efficient government and enacting reforms. However, the competing Lebanese political factions have not been able to agree on how to divide ministerial positions between themselves. (ANI/Sputnik)

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