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The remake of super hit Tamil film Suryavansam, despite featuring Amitabh Bachchan in double roles, failed to rec-create the magic of its South Indian original. The satellite broadcasting rights were later acquired by Sony and it will only be an under-evaluation if I said Sony has earned 10 times as much as the making cost of the movie. It has become the stale food for its viewers who are happy gluing up in front of the television every weekend to watch this one being played for the Nth time. Given that Sooryavansham has inspired a legion of internet jokes, do you have a favorite Sooryavansham meme?

10 flop movies that became super successful on television

Its quite the task to fathom the likes and dislikes of Indian cine-goers. The unpredictable mood swing often prove to be nightmarish of the makers and the best of movies end up paying heavily of the audience’s ever changing preferences.

Even with all that Bollywood jazz and a captivating list of star-cast, movies fail at the cinemas. The same prove to be TRP smashers on television. Why didn’t the audience like the movie on theaters though they showered it with love when premiered on satellite television? We can only take a guess.

Here are 10 such movies that were declared flops when they released in cinemas, but became fan-favorites on TV.