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Alex Rodriguez

There’s no question that Jennifer Lopez is insanely beautiful. However, if you ask her retired-baseball-player boyfriend, A-Rod, he’ll tell you that the pop star is “sexy AF,” which is what he text-messaged her during their first dinner together, according to a new Vanity Fair profile. Surprisingly enough, neither of them was sure it was a date, but after some clarification — in part, thanks to that silly text — they’ve been inseparable since. (Photo: Getty Images)

10 bad, awful, and ugly celebrity pickup lines

Stars, too, spit terrible game when it comes to courting. In the age of flirting through dating apps, texting, and social media, some of the most awful pickup lines belong to the most beautiful people: celebrities. Although they’re incredibly attractive, sometimes even the rich and famous aren’t the most suave, especially when they’re trying to date, or hook up with, someone new.

These actors, artists, and sports stars are known for appearing smooth and polished when performing, but at one point or another their words weren’t exactly oozing with charm. Read on for the embarrassing, cringeworthy, and downright awkward lines that once left the lips of Hollywood’s hottest heartthrobs — as well as the hopeful words that were said to stars in hopes of sparking conversation … or more.

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