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Arjun Kapoor and Jhanvi Kapoor

Arjun Kapoor is 11 years older to Jhanvi. One thing clear from the way he destroyed a certain entertainment website for making derogatory remarks on Jhanvi, is, every girl needs a bro like Arjun Kapoor in her life. After Sridevi’s demise we are hoping that both sides of Bonny Kapoor’s family would come closer and the girls will have their brother’s support always.

From 10 to 24, here are 10 Bollywood siblings with crazy age gaps

Bollywood is a big fat family, there are simple families, then there are complexed families, then are are families that are so twisted and turned that it may take a lifetime to get through them.

But what is really worth talking is the sibling bonding in Bollywood, regardless their success meter, profession or age. Here are 10 bhai-behen, bhai-bhai, and behen-behen jodis of B-town that are separated by some major age gap, but that has had no influence on their love.

Image source – Facebook