1 Kg Onions for Every Smartphone: This UP Mobile Store's Irresistible Offer Will Have You in Tears


In Uttar Pradesh's Hapur, Suraj Gupta of Suraj Mobile Centre has devised an innovative strategy in order to lure in more customers. The store, which is located on Railway Road, has introduced a new gimmick which is not only topical but also making the most of an unfavourable situation.

According to a poster stuck outside his store, Gupta is offering one kilograms of onion free with every purchase of an Android smartphone. The video was posted by journalist Piyush Roy, and it has since gone viral. It provides a panoramic view of the store; it also shows Gupta holding up three packets containing 1 kg of onions each along with three smartphones.

A follow up video has also been provided where Suraj Gupta says that the gimmick has really worked wonders because his sales have picked up since.

This is not the first bizarre incident we've come across ever since the prices of onions crossed the century mark. A few days ago, a newly married couple received a bouquet of onions from their friends because apparently, the pink vegetable is more precious and highly coveted as compared to ordinary gifts.

Other companies too have cashed in on the onion crisis in the country. A couple of days ago, a travel portal offered three kilograms of onions as one of the prizes in a lucky draw and surveys showed that people actually preferred onions to a free Goa trip!

Clearly, the sky high prices of onions are forcing Indians to take drastic measures; the prices currently stand at Rs 200 per kilogram in different parts of the country.