1,500 Meter Lava Fountain Pours From Crater as Mount Etna Continues to Erupt

Mount Etna’s explosions reached a peak on Monday as lava fountains reached 1,500 meters in height.

Speaking to the Guardian, volcano expert Boris Behncke from the National Institute of Geophysics in Catania, said that Mount Etna’s latest explosion was “one of the most spectacular eruptions of recent decades.”

Volcano enthusiastic Giuseppe Tonzuso filmed an explosion video just seven kilometers away from the mountain on late February 22 and into the early hours of February 23. The hot red lava brings up thousands of rock fragments into the sky, the video shows.

“This is undoubtedly the most energetic event of the sequence,” Tonzuso told Storyful. Credit: Giuseppe Tonzuso via Storyful