007 appears bloated in spoof video amidst controversy over beer deal

London, Nov 9 (ANI): 007 seemed to have packed on a few pounds in a new skit featured on 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,' amid controversy over a multi-million dollar deal movie bosses struck with Heineken.

Daniel Craig sat down with the chat show host on Wednesday night, watching himself emerge from glistening waters - his bloated stomach hinting he may have had a few too many after the filming of 'Skyfall.'

The spoof features clips from the 23rd Bond film, in which 007 is seen cracking open green bottles in lieu of his usual order: vodka martini, "Shaken, not stirred," the Daily Mail reported.

A news broadcast drowns out the dialogue with horrified anchors commenting on the controversy over the latest product placement in the franchise.

The brewer is just one of a number of big brands to have signed lucrative deals with studio executives to have their goods seen on screen when the Sam Mendes film is released this month in the US.

Sony, Coca-Cola, Bollinger, Swarovski, Omega and fashion designer Tom Ford have struck similar agreements.

The windfall from Heineken is unique, however, in that it will also coincide with a global advertising initiative starring Craig.

The actor will appear in a televised campaign, and his image printed on limited-edition bottles coinciding with the film's launch.

Craig defended the sponsorship decision as a necessary evil to finance the film.

"The fact of it is we can't the make movies without a huge amount of help," he told Leno, adding that the brewing company was "very generous."

However, he noted that Bond does drink a martini in the film. (ANI)