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  • Hong Kong stocks open 0.36% lower AFP - 13 minutes ago

    Hong Kong shares retreated 0.36 percent in the first few minutes of trade Wednesday following two days of strong gains and a sell-off on Wall Street. … More »

  • Snapchat CEO says company plans to IPO, does not specify when Reuters - 18 minutes ago

    RANCHOS PALOS VERDES, Calif. (Reuters) - Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel said on Tuesday the company plans to have an initial public offering but did not specify when that would happen. "We have to IPO," Spiegel said during a talk at a technology … More »

  • Irish government to sell Aer Lingus stake to IAG AFP - 21 minutes ago

    The Irish government is to sell its 25-percent stake in flag carrier Aer Lingus to International Airlines Group after receiving assurances on the airline's future, the transport minister said Tuesday. The sale has been a hot topic for Dublin, with … More »

  • Colombian military kills 5 FARC rebels in strike AFP - 21 minutes ago

    The Colombian military killed at least five FARC guerrillas in the northwest of the country Monday, part of a new offensive that has challenged ongoing peace talks with the rebel group. The government has intensified military operations against the … More »

  • Star's molestation past haunts '19 Kids' AFP - 28 minutes ago

    In the realm of US reality television, the Duggars have stood out as the champions of old-school Christian values -- until now. The future of their TLC cable series "19 Kids and Counting" is in question after the clan's oldest son Josh Duggar … More »