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  • U.N. council urges end to impunity for attacks on journalists Reuters - 15 minutes ago

    The United Nations Security Council on Wednesday condemned the frequent attacks against journalists worldwide and demanded an end to the impunity enjoyed by those guilty of violent crimes against members of the press. The appeal came in the form of … More »

  • US tax data breach linked to Russia: report AFP - 19 minutes ago

    A data breach affecting some 100,000 US tax filers appears to have originated in Russia, CNN reported Wednesday, citing unnamed sources. The Internal Revenue Service disclosed the breach on Tuesday, saying hackers accessed data on a third-party … More »

  • Charter-Time Warner Cable deal could spawn an online video service
    Charter-Time Warner Cable deal could spawn an online video service Reuters - 22 minutes ago

    By Malathi Nayak NEW YORK (Reuters) - Charter Communications Inc executives are exploring whether to launch an online video service as part of its combination with larger rival Time Warner Cable Inc , in what would be an unprecedented move in the … More »

  • Mexico drops grenade charges after suspects tortured AFP - 33 minutes ago

    A judge in Mexico has dropped charges against four men after some of them were tortured into confessing to tossing grenades into a crowd, killing eight people, authorities said Wednesday. The judge said evidence was fabricated and human rights were … More »

  • Biden castigates Putin, casts Ukraine crisis as a test AFP - 33 minutes ago

    US Vice President Joe Biden on Wednesday denounced Vladimir Putin's "pure aggression" in Ukraine, warning that Western nations must be prepared to respond with further sanctions against Russia if necessary. In March 2014, Russia annexed Ukraine's … More »