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  • Cologne extend contracts of their managers IANS - 6 minutes ago

    Cologne (Germany), May 25 (IANS) German football club Cologne extended the contracts of Joerg Schmadtke and Alexander Wehrle for a long term. The newly promoted club completed the Bundesliga season in 12th place and as a reward the 'Geissboecke' on … More »

  • Malaysia finds 139 graves in extensive migrant 'detention' camps AFP - 8 minutes ago

    Malaysian police said Monday they had found 139 grave sites and 28 abandoned "detention" camps capable of housing hundreds of people, laying bare the grim extent of the region's migrant crisis. National police chief Khalid Abu Bakar said … More »

  • Soon, manage your pics with Google's new photos app IANS - 8 minutes ago

    Google may soon launch a photo app with all the features of Google+ image and more. The app, called Google Photos, will initially be launched on Android and will be followed on iOS too. Just like in Google+, the app lets users search - such as for … More »

  • Four tourists jailed after drug bust in New Zealand IANS - 10 minutes ago

    Wellington, May 25 (IANS) Four tourists, including two women, have been jailed after being charged with trying to smuggle a hallucinogeic drug, methamphetamine, into New Zealand, customs authorities said on Monday. … More »

  • Are reverse osmosis filter systems a threat to public health? IANS - 12 minutes ago

    Kolkata, May 25 (IANS) The reverse-osmosis water purifier at home seems to be a benign invention, allowing people to drink clean, healthy water. One of the most popular water purifying technologies in India, the RO process is efficient in terms of … More »